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the big story was michelle obama's surprise appearance. steven gregory tweeted . . . many conservative movie goers commented on how unprecedenteded this appearance was. but history shows otherwise. ronald reagan made an appearance in the '80s which made sense because he was an actor. first lady laura bush made a brief appearance in a video at the 2002 oscars. and president george busch was going to make a presentation, but the idea was scrapped when it was clear the president wouldn't say the word pianist with a straight face. it reminds me of when citizen
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kaine lost out. at the time it didn't seem like that big of issue, but really -- oh come on. i have been waiting my whole life to give this -- please! ♪ >> michael: it's always great to hear analysis of hollywood's most glamorous night from a guy who watched it in sweat pants while eating easy mac with a spork. someone is also here in "the war room," check us out on line at have a great right.
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>> michael: is it a bunch of papal bull. >> this moment is going on. now it is knocking at the door of the conclave. >> michael: and then last night argo wins the best picture oscar, but former president jimmy carter said that they do not get enough credit. argo is spelt with an a. >> ben affleck was in tehran for a day and a half. the real hero was tim tailor, the canadian ambassador. >> michael: and don't look now but there is a slow-speed chase. let's go there life.
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>> aim not exactly whose idea it was to put me behind the wheel of someone's $85,000 electric vehicle. but they have, and we'll show you why coming up. >> michael: jacki schechner in a tesla. it is "the young turks," and it is our go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> michael: so the cardinals cardinals are all getting together right now. they're starting the conclave to select the new pope. all but one of them is going there. today the only one from the a nightunited kingdom keith o'brien's britain's highest ranking catholic will noting because he resigned in the wake of stinging allegations. here is more on that.
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>> reporter: one day after he peered out his window for the final time benedict xvi changed the rules for the conclave. vatican insiders say it's not a moment too soon. they are are claims that benedict stepped because down of the gay priests and blackmail in a dossier. cardinal o'brien today resigned and cardinal mahoney is accused of concealing the crimes of pedophile priests but he will help choose the next pope but abuse victims call that an outarrangement cardinal o'brien said himself that they should look outside of the box and he thinks he's that maybe the pope
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should be selected from cardinals from africa and latino america where the church is showing growth. it's odd that those progressive words will not be part of this conclave, but other words that o'brien has used over and over by anti-homosexual anti-gay marriage, it's the rhetoric that the church is finding difficult to countenance as they try to become a worldwide body. we would like to talk about this with someone who has had experience with the catholic church barbara blaine. founder and president of the survivors network for those abused by priests. it's called "snap." the largest support group for anyone hurt by priests. how financial are you with cardinal o'brien. is this the first step or this is the tip of the iceberg and these things keep happening and happening. >> it's important not to view this as outstanding that he took
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it upon himself to resign. we believe he should have resigned much sooner and we believe that pope benedict should have been demanding his resignation when the allegations first arose. >> michael: let's hear what o'brien said. he said, the holy father has now decided that my resignation will take effect today. 25 february 2013. looking back over my years of ministry for any good i have been able to do i thank god. for any failures i apologize to all whom i have offended. it's far more pronounced than saying that i showed up late at mass one day. >> it's important to recognize what we're talking about here are criminal acts. we're not talking about something where we were running late or we missed mass on sunday
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or we forgot an and aid on good friday or something. that's not the issue. we're talking about criminal behavior. criminals belong behind bars. i believe it's time that pope benedict and other church officials start demanding that bishops across the globe turn over crimes to police and let them handle it. >> michael: are you hopeful that this is a new generation of priests and cardinals in that church. even though it came from cardinal o'brien and everything he says we can be skeptical about, there is talk about banning celibacy within the priesthood. do you think they're listening or are they totally tone deaf. >> i'm not sure, to be hospital with you what they hear and what church officials do with the information that they do receive. i do know that they have failed
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completely frequently, and in turning over information about sex crimes to police. they continue to harbor criminals behind closed doors and they still fail to put the protection of children first. they seem far more interested in worrying about the reputation of the hierarchy and reputation of the church itself rather than the innocent children within the the church. >> michael: you know, to that, barbara, the statistics are unbelievable. from 1950 to 2011, that's 61 years, and 6100 priests were accused of some kind of sexual misconduct. i'm not great at math but that's 100 priests a year by my calculations and that's 16,000 victims. they did have a lot to account for and a lot of changes have to happen. there are the numbers again.
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67,100 priests accused, 16,000 victims. when you see these numbers the course that they need to reverse is massive. do you see that a new pope could do this single-handedly, or is this something that you think will take years and years to change? >> well, two things. i think it's really important to recognize that those numbers are the bear minimum. when you say 61 accused i think it's 6100 accused i think it's important to recognize those are 6100 credibly accused. those are the ones that the bishops are willing to admit to. i believe there are many mother. you say 16,000. that's what the u.s. bishops are willing to admit to, but other scholars say that the numbers are more like 100,000. so i think this are many more victims. in terms of whether we should be hopeful for the church, my
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position is that i believe we have to be hopeful because so much is at risk. i mean, what's at risk is the safety of children. we know we can't undo what happened if a child's innocence is shattered but we can prevent the shattering from happening. that's what i hope church officials will do under the new regime, with the new pope. >> michael: i'm curious, barbara, before we let you go, where there is smoke there is also a new pope, there is also fire. with these allegations that i shouldn't say allegations, but rumors where benedict is stepping down? >> look, i don't think we're ever going to really ever be able to verify what the pope step down. i don't know if speculation is all that helpful. i do believe what is important to recognize is that he's stepping down, and it's important to recognize that his
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reign was one that took absolutely no action to protect children. he made lofty statements. he offered simple apologies but he didn't take any action to make things better. we hope that the new pope will have courage and take decisive action. >> michael: it's something that we can't hope for too soon. barbara with snap the largest support group for anyone hurt by clergy, and we thank you for being here with us on the "the young turks." >> thank you. >> michael: when we come back on "the young turks." we have clooney and argo and the oscars. what really happened. >> this is the funny thing. for 25 years the only side of the story that was told the one version of it, all we're trying to do is make a film that we like and ben took it to a completely different level.
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coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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this show is about analyzing criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. staying in tough with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room monday to thursday at 6 eastern
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>> and thes cargoes to the oscar goes to "argo." congratulations. >> michael: apologies if you tivoed that. that was michelle obama the first lady of the united states of america announcing the best picture. it was, in fact, "argo." but jimmy carter the former president, president during that time had different things to say about the film when he was on cnn with piers morgan last week. >> 90% of the contributions to the ideas and the consommation of the plan was canadian. and the movie gives almost full credit to the american c.i.a. and with that exception the movie is very good. but, um, ben affleck's character in the film was only--he was only in tehran a day and a half. and the main hero in my opinion was ken taylor, who was the
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canadian ambassador, who orchestrated the entire process. >> michael: you know, it may age me or show that i was a dork even when i was a kid but i do remember with in a story that ken taylor's name was everyone where. you heard for a week whatever that news cycle was you heard ken taylor all the time. i understand what president carter is staying that the canadians did not get enough credit. what would a c.i.a. movie be without michael solomon and lindsay moran. i'll go to you first lindsay how do you feel about president carter saying that the c.i.a. was overcreditted for the work they did on this? >> first of all it's the c.i.a. and it's hollywood. there was a reason why canada
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was publicly credited, because we were trying to hide the c.i.a. hand in the separation until it was declassified. i just loved the move "argo" because it's kind of one of those rare c.i.a. depictions true-to-life depiction where i was proud to have been part of that organization with tony mendez's work. he represents this figure that is familiar to me of the lone wolf battling the bureaucracy and inertia and the naysayers and actually getting something done. i loved the movie. >> michael: the manthe anonymity all of those stories amazing, it's the opposite of hollywood because they want their names
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rolling before and after each movie, and that's what they worry about. michael, you watched the oscars, are you surprised that "argo" won, you look at "lincoln," and "argo" and george clooney alluded to the fact that these were grown-up movies. but when you saw "argo," did you kind of have a sense this was going to be the best picture? >> no, i don't think people thought that from the get-go. i think people immediately thought that " "zero dark thirty"." it was a very political year where my c.i.a. movie is better than your c.i.a. movie and your secret service agent didn't do its job. a lot of hollywood playing fast and dirty with oscar campaigns and that's the way it goes. things line up because of oscar campaigns. it doesn't look the way its supposed to from the beginning and it works out usually the
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best the second best picture wins. but sometimes smear campaigns work. >> michael: sometimes it works out well for canada in the end. now with jimmy carter, and with the oscar, it's probably getting the credit that it probably didn't get enough of last time. this is ken taylor today on cnn. >> i think the movie takes some poetic license as hollywood is prone to do. the essential escape was a cooperative effort. however, we were on the ground for three months. tony mendez came, he was deeply involved, and it was essentially a canadian effort. >> michael: yeah, so he is acknowledging finally in fact it was a canadian effort. the iranian press did not take it the same way. iranian television said this, the 85th academy awardses is the most political oscars every
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whatever that means. affleck of specializes in exaggeration, blowings things out of proportion and creating false scenes. well, it was false scenes. "argo" is an anti- anti--iran movie. it all goes back to zionism when it comes out of iran. there's no joy that their country made it to the oscars. here is george clooney talking about that. >> if movies like that, which are movies for grownups, make money which this one did if you continue to do that, the studies will continuestudios will continue it make grown-up films. >> michael: do you think they did it responsibly welcome are thereresponseresponsibly?do you think
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this is a good thing for the central intelligence agency. >> sure this, is good publicity. even bad publicity in hollywood is good for the c.i.a. in the long run. it was responsible depiction the details of the true operation which was declassified. we see a difference between "argo" and zero "zero dark thirty." i thought katherine bigelow did an amazing job. it was a difficult movie to direct. but "zero dark thirty" did itself at the on set by stating it was based on event. this was political backlash and there was talk about the character of maya was made. and this was important female character based on jennifer
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matthews who was killed in a suicide-bombing. upon reflection after seeing that movie, and talking to former colleague who is knew jennifer matthews well, the movie did a grave disservice to her memory and her service. she was portrayed as flighty and almost like a ditz baking a quake for someone who turned out to be a double agent and caused a catastrophic event for the agency. i think "zero dark thirty" needed to be more responsible in staying true to the subject matter because it was just immediate subject matter. >> i will disagree a little bit because they're movies. i think in this case it's a movie. it's not pretending to be a documentary. while i do think there is some obligation to be truthful to the facts, i think that we can't expect movies with actors to be
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100% factual. that's why it's not a documentary. >> michael: do you think on that michael i'll let you respond to what he said, lindsay. >> okay, yes, i would agree with michael, and you know, i've defended bigelow in that she is a movie director and her job is to direct a great movie and she did that. the own news onus of responsibility lies the c.i.a. who barfed out all this information to her. it resulted in a movie about a very important operation dealing with torture in which the torture was portrayed inaccurately and also this depict of jennifer matthews that i think was just a disservice to someone who served our country. >> michael: i know it was just a slip of the tongue but it's how close the caa and c.i.a. are now. i want to ask you about the
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political movies. there were a couple of them last night and politics is involved. is it appropriate for the first lady to be giving out the first picture award? and do you think she knew already it wouldn't have been "zero dark thirty," and if it had, she wouldn't have given it. >> i think that it's--if you want to argue that she's a little over exposed doing jimmy fallen and the oscars, it's not like she was giving best kiss at the "mtv movie awards." this is a global audience. you know nearly 1 billion people, 40 million americans watch it. why shouldn't the first lady do it? there is precedent here. fdr appeared at the academy awards. ronald reagan did something at the academy awards. i think it was a non-issue and
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the picture was the high point of the show. >> michael: my favorite tweets were, who are all those waiters standing behind her. and laura bush did the same thing. lindsay moran, and michael solomon, thanks so much for the two of you coming in and talking about last night's festivities. when we come back here on "the young turks" we're going to look into the tesla. we tut the tesla to a testa. >> the family took a road trip in their new all elect tesla using free solar powered super chargers all the way. >> michael: the owner of that car is going to be right there in the parking lot in "the young turks'" headquarters. for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current.
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>> michael: in 2008 congress approved $25 billion in loans to go for the department of energy to their advance technology vehicle manufacturing loan program. i like to call it atvmlp, which did not work as an acronym. but this was unrelated to the auto bailouts. one of those was tesla motors. it's now finally turning a profit. they believe that tesla is a great company. he created a content film about the motor company. it's called gallon "gallons of light." let's take a look. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> on january 3rd the snap familyknappfamily took a road trip
4:30 pm
in their tesla using free superpower chargers all the way. it's a car that may lead other cars in no longer taking from the earth but accepting from the sun. untold members for "gallon of light." >> they got $465 million in government loans. now they say they're going to turn a profit. we wonder if this is the way to the future. but with us to help us down this road with the owner of the car jacki schechner our own jacki schechner. there she is driving a tesla live to you jacki. >> oh, michael. having a lynn mini heart attack as i'm a passenger in his $85,000 electric car.
4:31 pm
thank you for joining us. i have to say i'm not a huge car person, but as a tech person this is a really cool vehicle. you're telling me that's kind of why you bought it. you're not a car guy heater. >> i was a prius and pass at this. i have solar cells on the roof that makes more power than the car uses. >> you stopped at each of these super charging stations. >> if you completely drain the car it will take an hour to re refill this whole thing. >> there was a bad review that it ran out of power. what would you say about the car for people who use it on a regular basis. >> i have used it on a lot of drives i've never had a problem remotely. i don't know what instructions they told him but we know he didn't fully charge the car.
4:32 pm
>> did he use the sun roof. this car is in all different configurations than you're used to in a norm car. i've reached down to switch from park drive reverse. >> you don't need it. >> you were saying that you would expect some sort of engine to be in the car. let's get a little funky. i say that because it's the front trunk is what they call it. make we can licht up the frunk. there is nothing. if there you're like me and you need space. >> the car has tons of space. >> now you have two kids, a 12-year-old and an 8-year-old. >> yep. >> this is the first generation being raced on electric vehicles. what do they think about this car? >> they love it. they think this is the way that cars should be. lots of space. doesn't make noise. especially what they think about, there is no pollution.
4:33 pm
no exhaust pipe on the car. >> this is the time to bring in jordan black. you and jordan now each other. jordan made a small documentary film. it's a commercial with brand new content, but tesla did not ask you to do this. did you it on your own. what inspired you to do this? >> i directed at least advertising content for a lot of big brands, and i'm interested in the sustainability in general. >> when about the tesla inspired you? >> i wasn't inspired by other cars. but when i saw the tesla and the network of the solar power networking stations, it was the super chargers that brought it all together for me. why not find someone real and film them taking a road trip powered by the son. >> it's beautiful if you get a chance to look at it ajason
4:34 pm
black dot come. >> no, jordan black. >> jordan one of the things about this article in "the new york times," john talked about running out of energy and he had to be towed to a charging station. are they easy to use? are there enough of them along the way. >> it's easier than filling up at a gas pump. after you drive for four hours you have to stop and grab a bite it eat any way. by then the car is charged up again. i don't know why he had trouble. he didn't charge the car fully. i don't know what instructions he was given but it was simple to use. >> and it's free. >> you're going to these charging stations, and you're not charged anything for it. you're plugging in and going. now, you're a little bit younger, and i would imagine this car is a little bit out of your price range at this point for you who lovers the car and the technology, what is the
4:35 pm
goal? do you think there will an car like this that will be available for our generation? >> well, i've definitely been inspired with what has been done with teslan. in terms of what he's doing they will be creating less expensive cars. this is a step along the way in terms of his bigger man plan of electric car. >> you made your commercial for free and it was picked up and tweeted out. but they have not done any real marketing. this became the de facto marketing. now it has to be condition tear to what we read in "the new york times" about how it runs out of electricity. as someone who
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4:37 pm
>> does this feel like the future? >> you could not get out of this car. the gas car is so much more messyier and pollution. >> your wife is getting rid of her car and getting a tesla. >> that's right. we're on the waitlist. >> it's amazing. do you know other families like that? >> well, there's a lot of people who have connected on forums like the tes la motors club. all of oh you are neighbors people who have looked at the car, they're amazed. people have ordered the car after looking at our car. >> this is motor trend car of the year. we're not just talking about motor trend just in the electric category. >> no, they said this was the best car period of the year. a lot of judges said this is the best car they have ever seen. >> this is the best car i've driven today. >> if you look at the technology behind this car. it is car 2.0 car 3.0.
4:38 pm
there is no drive train. you have just free space. it got car of the year despite being electric car. >> it goes 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds. it accelerate it's like bat out of hell. >> i was going to drive it that quickly but then i thought on your behalf i would go slowly. >> we can go for a spin. >> i just got an offer, michael did you hear that. >> michael: i would take that right now. if a man has enough money to buy an $85,000 go, go. >> his wife might have something to say about that. >> michael: she might. jacki schechner, thank you so much. i remember a time when you couldn't even say frunk on television. we've come a long way not only in cars but in television. jacki schechner current tv's own. when we come back we'll talk sequester and will the lights actually go off at the white house? can he scare himself into thinking that? the president is talking with
4:39 pm
the governors. he's trying to scare the governors into into scaring the delegation. >> while you're in town i hope you speak with your congressional delegation and remind them in no uncertain terms exactly what is at stake. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest
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>> michael: it actually seems like a good idea. he has got all the governors at the white house, president obama does. let's go to the governors and tell them how the sequestration is going it affect their states, and they can go to the other elected officials. will it work? i don't know. but here is president obama
4:43 pm
talking to the governors. >> obama: thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to deal with finding child care for their children. hundreds of thousand of americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and had cancer screenings. while you are in town i hope you'll visit your representatives and remind them in no uncertain terms what is at stake. >> michael: the republicans had their own resident precedent and this is what john boehner had to say. >> the president says we need to have another tax increase in order to avoid the sequester. mr. president, you got your tax increase. the house has acted acted twice. we should not have to act a third time before the senate
4:44 pm
begins to do their work. >> michael: to break this down we turn to an expert, and it doesn't get more experter than chris moody. thank you for being on "the young turks." >> great to be here. thank you for having me. >> michael: i'm sure you are so tired of the word sequester like everyone in america is. what do you make of what happened today? is the president really crying wolf are these things set to happen. >> the governors have the bully pulpit that they can use. for the republican governors, after they met with president obama they were absolutely fuming. they walked across the street to the chamber of commerce and held their own press conference where they said enough is enough. we're not going to raise taxes and washington needs to work together to make an alternative to the sequester. they're furious at washington, not just president obama but the entire operation here in d.c. >> michael: do you sense
4:45 pm
though, any republicans republican governors are furious with republican legislators? do you see in-fighting there from governor to congress? >> it's a general frustration with congressional lawmakers both democrat, republican, and president obama. they're frustrated with capitol hill for not getting something done. you have to remember these governors have to balance their budgets every year. they're forced to make difficult decision about cutting spending and here is washington still squabbling over this with just a couple of days left, and they'll have to pay the consequences with that or the american people will have to pay the consequences when the sequester comes down on march 1st, next friday. >> michael: it's so appropriate that the governor is there rarely do these meetings have something tad with what is happening in the news right now. some of those governors went on to "face of a "face the nation","
4:46 pm
and they were on cbs news "face the nation"." let's listen to what some of these governors had to say. >> we're going it see decisive cuts. i don't know if they're going to be all that dramatic in the period of time. >> the tax will be significant and people had feel them. these are difficult--impossible choices. >> i think the president is overplaying his hands to force people to raise taxes. he should be cutting spending. everyone knows that is the problem. he's right particularly with defense. don't put it on our kids in uniforms. >> these are job-killing cuts, and we have to find a way to avoid these. we cannot cut our way to posterity. >> michael: chris, i want to ask you something here. for the first time i'm starting to sense that the republicans may be calling the president's bluff here. the president banked on them just not at all wanting to touch any kind of cuts to defense. the republicans seem to be saying, anything but we'll cut
4:47 pm
anything. we cannot continue this spending. is that really happening? "the new york times" today said that it was. >> they see this as kind of a win-win. obviously going forward with the sequester is not something that they want, but still at the end of the day if they do nothing the government gets cut. 2.4% to 2.5% cut across the board. all in all that's a conservative victory. there are a lot of conservative groups calling for this thing to let it burn, let it go. at the end we'll get cut even if it cuts defense they're willing to take that. they're okay with it. >> michael: you know we've heard a lot recently about the idea of kicking the can down the road. tell me, tell our viewers what does that look like? if the sequester does in the happen, but they have a band aid that they can put on it, what would that look like? >> if they end up doing that, extending the deadline maybe two or three months, and we'll be doing this all over again. don't get too excited this
4:48 pm
summer. remember, there are more deadlines we have to face. more fiscal-type things with all sorts of deadlines coming up for congress. we got a real messy summer and things like immigration reform, the congress wants to work on and get done before the august recess. so washington is going to be a very busy place over the next few months whether the sequester goes through or not. >> mid-july they would go back to raising the debt ceiling once again as well. they don't really need this. is the president at risk now? they had the whole week. no one was in washington. they defined the argument. is he at risk to being the boy who cried wolf? these things are not going to happen on march 2nd. it's not an overnight thing. they will gradually be phased in. >> michael: who is really going to get blamed for this? who is going to to be hurt her? the republicans will try to make the case that the buck stops with the president and blame him, but he has the stronger bully pulpit.
4:49 pm
he will say when the elections come around in a couple years we need a democratic congress here because look what they did when they had a republican house. there is going to be a messaging battle after sequestration takes place as it did before. it's a permanent campaign here in washington. >> michael: you know chris that's a fantastic point to finish on. he is setting himself up to go out there and campaign against the do-nothing-congress, and it seems he has people with him because the congress approval ratings are so low. this is chris moody. you can see and read everything that he has to write a yahoo news. thank you, chris, for being on the show. the house of cards. it used to be that thing on the brady bunch the thing the tiger the dog knocked over. not any more. it's this fantastic addictive show that everyone is watching, and it mixes journalism and politics. >> what is really going on. >> this is the washington herald, this is not tmz.
4:50 pm
>> do you know how many people read tmz. >> i don't care. >> which is why journalism is dying. >> it will die with dignity. at least this paper. a closer shave in a single stroke for less irritation, even on sensitive skin.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: everybody it seems is talking about "house of cards." the original series, 13 episodes but distributed only through netflix. it's called binge watching. everyone is doing it with this show. it resolves around frank underwood played by kevin spacey, and of course it also has to do with zoe barnes, the woman played by kate mara who is a reporter, journalist and both of their careers go in the right direction because of the fact that they know one another here is frank underwood on "house of cards"." >> it's a lot like real estate. it's all about location, location location. the closer you are to the source, the higher the property
4:54 pm
value. who will they see smiling at the edge of the frame. >> what is it you want? >> your absolute unquestioned loyalty. >> do you understand how you are to behave. >> if i don't go along. >> we'll clear you from the herd and watch you die in the wilderness. >> how do you eat a whale one bite at a time. >> give and take, welcome to washington. >> michael: beau willim oh on, developer and is the executive producer writer of "house of cards." did you anticipate what sort of
4:55 pm
a rage this would be, especially in consideration of how this was distributed? >> we really had no idea what would happen. it's the first time that a new series was launching on netflix a big experiment. we were watching with baited breath with what would happen. i'm thrilled with the response and how many people have tuned in or streamed in. >> michael: what made you choose to do it that way? was it economics not getting another network to do it? how did you come to this arrangement. >> we teamed up with netflix because they offered to major things. two seasons up front guaranteed. and creative freedom. they gave us huge amount of creative control over this. that was an offer we couldn't refuse. and they being netflix, i thought how can we do everything new from the ground up?
4:56 pm
one of the ways to be new was to deliver this in a new fashion. and that means making the entire season available with one click. >> has that binge watching binge viewing, binge watching, this is a new thing. are you a pioneer in the way people watch entertainment now? >> we were the first to deliver a new show this way. i don't feel we're pioneers in the sense that binge viewing wasn't created by us. that's been happening for years now. western exploiting a trend. netflix and other streaming services on demand, dvr have been made it possible for viewers it watch things. if it wasn't us it would have been someone else very soon i imagine. >> michael: you know beau, you've worked in politics and you presumably have worked with journalists as well. journalism has come under fire in your show was. cheapens a little bit the role of the journalist.
4:57 pm
you are probably going to challenge that, and i invite you to, but the idea is that these two begin sleeping together. because of the fact that they're sleeping together, that's--that's--that's the leak that she's able to get that zoe is able to get through frank underwood and the fact that they're sleeping together. how do you address that? how do you talk about that? >> thanks for spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen it. no, anyone who has been reading about the show, it's common knowledge what is happening there. zoe barnes is not meant to be a good journalist. in fact, in many ways she's supposed to be a bad journalist. what she is is a climber. she wants access and influence and she goes about it in any number of ways of when she first teams up with underwood it's not a sexual relationship but a transactional one that evolves
4:58 pm
into a sexual one. we're telling a story about power, ambition and in her case youthful ambition, and people will do nefarious things climbing up the ladder. we see that in in the political world. but we're all trying to do something to accomplish something. we see people going about it in a ruthless fashion in the show. >> michael: that's an honest way of addressing that question, too. because it is about power not just about what is going on between journalists and the politician. beau willimon. congratulations on "the house of cards," and thank you for being on "the young turks." we'll have something for you on the other side. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis.
4:59 pm
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